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Testimonials|26 September 2012 13:03

Dear Mr Read

Thankyou for the wonderful work you completed on my patio in 2010.Could you come and see me regarding a loft extension.

Tony Young

01883 344670

18 July 2012 14:41

Dear Mr Read

You may remember doing our kitchen extension here at 1 Home Park Hurst Green a few years ago – an excellent job!I wondered if you would be interested in having a look to see what we might do on the patio area outside it so that we can spend more time there when the weather isn’t so great, i.e., when it’s windy or raining It probably wouldn’t be a big job but if you don’t mind at least having a look I would be pleased to hear from you. No guarantee, either, that we will go ahead as my ‘manager’ is dead against it (but then, to begin with, she was against having the kitchen extended!)

Best wishes

Tony Stone

01883 714625